Proposed Cycle Lanes and Infrastructure Changes

Proposed Cycle Lanes and Infrastructure Changes

Earlier today, a consultation went live about proposals for cycle lanes and infrastructure changes along the A660 from its junction with Shaw Lane to Leeds University. It’s being carried out by Connecting Leeds, a body which comprises individuals from Leeds City Council and the West Yorkshire Combined Authority (Metro).

In so far as Woodhouse Moor is concerned, the proposals involve the following:

  1. The removal of several mature trees. Most are diseased. All would be replaced on a three for one basis.
  2. Transferring the inbound bus stop currently located to the south of Raglan Road, to the north of Raglan Road.
  3. The creation of four “floating bus stops.” These are bus stops which have cycle lanes running behind them.
  4. The creation of a shared cycle lane in place of the existing tarmac pavement adjacent to Woodhouse Lane outbound.
  5. The removal of almost a metre of grass verge adjacent to the inbound carriageway to create a segregated cycle lane.

The consultation doesn’t mention that shared cycle lanes and floating bus stops are considered dangerous. Nor does it mention the intention to remove almost a metre of grass verge. Similarly, although it doesn’t affect the Moor, no mention is made of the intention to remove green space at Hyde Park Corner. This would be done in order to create a new lane of traffic.

Whilst the cycle lanes would encroach on the Moor where the A660 is at its widest between the city centre and West Park, there’s no intention to encroach on pavements or property on the much narrower roads at either end of the park, despite the fact that Connecting Leeds intend having two metre wide cycle lanes located here both inbound and outbound. This means that just as with the trolleybus scheme, the intention is to stack traffic on Woodhouse Moor, to allow it to flow freely along the much narrower roads at either end of the park.

The consultation exercise can be found here.


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