Campaign for accessible toilets

Campaign for accessible toilets

These purpose built toilets are at the Hyde Park Corner end of the Moor and are permanently locked.

This Summer, Woodhouse Moor was covered in human faeces. Rivers of urine flowed between the former wild flower area and the allotments. Woodhouse Moor is fast becoming a public health hazard. Something needs to be done. But what?

It’s no use complaining to the people you see who are relieving themselves. It’s not their fault (well, not entirely their fault). The people to blame are the people in charge at Leeds City Council. They’re the ones who are responsible. They’re the reason there are no accessible toilets for people to use.

Roundhay Park has public toilets, and so does Temple Newsam. And yet Woodhouse Moor, the most intensively used park in Leeds, has none. This isn’t fair. It can’t be right.

And as for how toilets on the Moor could be protected from misuse – I’d say, the same way they’re protected from misuse on Roundhay Park and Temple Newsam.

Friends of Woodhouse Moor are launching a campaign for toilets on the Moor. If you think it’s wrong that such an important park has no public toilets, please email the following, and let them know what you think:

Headingley and Hyde Park councillors

Jonathan Pryor –
Neil Walshaw –
Al Garthwaite –

Little London and Woodhouse councillors

Kayleigh Brooks –
Abigail Marshal Katung –
Javaid Akhtar –

The Executive Member for Parks

Mohammed Rafique –

The Executive Member for Health and Wellbeing

Rebecca Charlwood –

The Officer in charge of Parks and Countryside

Sean Flesher –

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