October 25, 2014

Woodhouse Moor Gymnasium

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Woodhouse Moor GymnasiumoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOrdnance Survey 1889

Monument Moor is an integral part of the Lungs of Leeds. Perhaps that’s why it was chosen in 1888 to become the site of an outdoor gymnasium. The Leeds Mercury described the gymnasium’s facilities in an article published in June 18881:

“It may be remembered that the Leeds Corporation recently voted £500 for the construction of a gymnasium on the north-east side of Woodhouse Moor. During the last few weeks the work has been in progress, and it is expected that in a week or ten days it will be completed. The youths who now in large numbers frequent the new cricket ground on the Headingley side of this section of the Moor will then be able to considerably vary their physical exercise. For the young men there are to be twelve swings and four sets of rings and trapezes; for the younger boys twelve swings; and for young women and girls twenty swings. In addition there will be a giant’s stride, or round swing, three horizontal bars, one pair of parallel bars, one vaulting horse, and four see-saws.”

Leeds Times columnist John Lee, writing as “The Owl” wrote of the gymnasium that it “affords exhilarating exercise to very large numbers of young people.”2


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