November 4, 2014

Valhalla for Leeds statues

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Woodhouse Moor statues
The above photomontage shows all the statues located on the Moor. Viewed clockwise, they are: Wellington, Peel, Queen Victoria, the Victoria Memorial, Marsden, and Peace. Queen Victoria and Peace form part of the Victoria Memorial.

The fact that Marsden was placed on Monument Moor, and not the main Moor, shows that Monument Moor is an integral part of Woodhouse Moor, and that it was never intended to detach Monument Moor from the rest of the park, which is what the proposed trolleybus route across Monument Moor would do.

When Marsden’s Statue was placed on Woodhouse Moor in 1952, the Yorkshire Evening Post described Woodhouse Moor as “Valhalla for Leeds statues.”1 This is because Woodhouse Moor is the custodian of almost all the city’s major statuary, all of which used to be located in the town centre.

The Yorkshire Evening Post article repeatedly refers to the location of Marsden’s statue as being “Woodhouse Moor.” This is further confirmation that Monument Moor has always been regarded as part of Woodhouse Moor, which is what it is.


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