October 24, 2017

The Veterans’ Shelter

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The building on the Moor now occupied by Akmal’s Tandoori Bistro used to be a shelter for the Woodhouse Moor Veterans’ Association. The establishment of shelters for veterans in Leeds parks dates from 1922. By the 1930s, all Leeds’ parks had a shelter for veterans. There was even a Leeds Federation of Park Shelters.

The Woodhouse Moor Veterans’ Association had previously occupied a more basic shelter that was located in the middle of the Moor. In 1933, the Association began to raise funds for a new shelter, and approached house builder Frank Thompson for an estimate. According to Tony Shelton in his article, “Dream Builders: The Thompsons of Golden Acre,” the builder later said, “I quoted them nothing. I thought it was a very worthy cause.”

Whereas the original plan for the building was that it should be built in the old English style, the building which actually got built in 1935 was in a style of its own. The original design was subsequently used for a building that was erected on an island in the lake at the pleasure garden Frank Thompson created called “Golden Acre” (now Golden Acre Park between Adel and Bramhope).

Following a period of disuse, between 1983 and 1986 the shelter was the home of ‘Pavilion’, a women’s photography centre. In 1996 it was used as a cafe called Dubterranean. Since 1998 it’s been a curry house called “Akmal’s Tandoori Bistro.”

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