May 20, 2014

Samuel Waite and the Byelaws

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Samuel Waite's Silver CupoThe silver cup presented to Samuel Waite. Photo courtesy of Yorkshire Post Newspapers

Samuel Waite was a grocer who lived in Woodhouse. He was also a keen cricketer who had played on Woodhouse Moor for thirty years. As a Conservative in a town that had been controlled by the Liberals since 1835, he didn’t agree with the council’s policy of gradually converting the Moor from common land into a People’s Park, a policy which included stopping people playing cricket.

The council’s problem with cricket was that it deterred non-cricketers from using the Moor. The council hadn’t purchased the Moor in 1857 at a cost of £3,200 and drained it, so it could be used by a small group of cricketers. It was meant to benefit everyone. The council was also concerned that it could be held liable if someone was injured as result of being hit by a cricket ball.

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