October 20, 2017

Public Space Protection Order

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Woodhouse Moor and Little London PSPO Map 470

Leeds City Council has introduced a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) for Woodhouse Moor which is effective from 20 October 2017.

PSPOs deal with a particular nuisance in a defined public space where this is having a negative impact on the quality of life for those in that public space. Before introducing PSPOs the council had to apply the ‘test’ for a PSPO, this being:

the behaviour being restricted has to:

    be having, or is likely to have, a detrimental (harmful) effect on the quality of life of those in the locality;
    be persistent or continuing in nature; and
    be unreasonable
    The only prohibitions or requirements that may be imposed are ones that are reasonable to impose in order to prevent or reduce the risk of the detrimental effect continuing, occurring or recurring i.e ‘justifies the restrictions imposed by the notice’.

A PSPO lasts for a maximum of three years and can be renewed if necessary. Failure to comply with an order can result in a Fixed Penalty Notice of up to £100 or a maximum fine of £1000.

Leeds City Council’s PSPOs address issues around alcohol, Psychoactive Substances and ‘household wastes’.

Before introducing Public Space Protection Orders, Leeds City Council carried out statutory consultation as set out by the Home Office.

(taken from Leeds City Council’s website)

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