January 16, 2013


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sw but or swiss built h Photo courtesy of Yorkshire Post Newspapers

This afternoon, a deputation from the Friends of Woodhouse Moor addressed Leeds City Council and said that whilst they would prefer that the trolleybus scheme were scrapped, if councillors are determined to go ahead with it, despite the expressed wishes of so many local people, then would they please choose the second option being offered by the NGT team, the one that leaves Monument Moor intact, and which does not encroach on the broad grass verges and York stone pavements which border the A660 where it crosses the Moor. Here is the text of the speech that was given to the councillors:

Whether they live in the countryside or the city centre, the outer suburbs or the inner city, human beings have the same fundamental need for green space. This is one of the reasons why recently, councillors worked so hard to provide the city centre with its own park-like area on Sovereign Street. It’s also one of the reasons people are so concerned about changes taking place which could result in loss of the green belt.

Your concerns about the need for a city centre park, and people’s worries about loss of the green belt, are understandable, and shared by everyone who cares for the environment and the green space needs of their fellow human beings.

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