July 24, 2018

Connecting Leeds “Bus Consultation”

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Connecting Leeds 470The A660 as it crosses Woodhouse Moor – cartoon by Daniel Allegra

“Connecting Leeds” is described by the organisations behind it, Leeds City Council and Metro, as a “bus consultation.” A bus consultation might be considered to include proposals for altering bus timetables and routes. The Connecting Leeds bus consultation is all about proposals to widen sections of the A660 from Otley Old Road to Raglan Road. It’s proposed to:

  • Ban the right turn from Woodhouse Street onto Headingley Lane, and the right turn from Hyde Park Road onto Woodhouse Lane, and divert all this traffic onto Cliff Road.
  • Remove an unspecified amount of the grass verge adjacent to the inbound lane of the A660 across Woodhouse Moor.
  • Remove all the York stone pavement adjacent to the outbound lane across Woodhouse Moor to create a wider road.
  • Extend the bus lay-by at Raglan Road backwards by an un-specified amount to create a “bus only” lane.

Woodhouse Lane as it crosses Woodhouse Moor is already the widest section of the A660 between the town centre and West Park. Now Leeds City Council and Metro want to make it even wider.

The deadline for responding to the consultation is the 3rd August 2018. You can make your views known here.

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