March 15, 2009


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Woodhouse Moor was the city’s very first park having been purchased from the Lords of the Manor in 1857. It comprises 27.22 hectares and is located in the area between the town centre and Headingley originally known as Woodhouse. Its avenues were laid out in the 1870s and surfaced in concrete. Saplings lined the avenues, many the gift of Councillor J Hardwick. Several important persons have visited the Moor; Queen Victoria in 1858, Gladstone in 1881, Lloyd George in 1902 and the Pankhursts in 1908. Woodhouse Moor was acquired as a result of what we now know as the Victorian “urban parks movement”, an attempt by social reformers of the time to provide a means of escape from urban squalor. When it was first acquired, the Moor was known as “the Lungs of Leeds” due to its clean fresh air which contrasted sharply with the smoky atmospheres of Hunslet and Holbeck, where many of the city’s factories were located, and the town centre.

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  1. Albert Slingsby says:

    I wish to object to the concrete jungle which is proposed for the Green Lung of Leeds 6 district, masquerading as a safe place for the anti-social individuals that want to use the green green grass of Leeds for their barbeques. The last thing that Woodhouse Moor needs is the concrete Urban Gorilla for the following reasons;
    Leeds Council seem to have lost sight of why Woodhouse Moor was acquiresd in the first place. To say they are going to have a Public Consultation is Leeds Council’s way of trying to appease the peasants!
    Why don’t we have barbeques on Solder’s Field and Roundhay Park?
    Leeds Council should ask a retired disc jockey, with blond hair, who smokes cigars, if he would like barbeque smoke drifting across Hill 60, I have an idea that him and his neighbours wouldn’t be so happy about it!!

  2. Helen Graham says:

    Having just read the comment in the Yorkshire Post (article on the Cannons) that asks where the lion is, the last time I saw it it was in bits in the gardener’s yard waiting to be repaired after having been vandalised. This was years ago, even before the statue next to Queen Victoria fell down, taking someone who had been climbing onto it with it, if the blood stains on the plinth were anything to go by. I was sorry to note that the poor old Penguowl – a very recent addition, and a really fun piece of sculpture by a neighbouring educational establishment – suffered the same fate in that it had its head knocked off and then it was removed. Shame on the vandals, spoiling it for the rest of us!

  3. HydePark6 says:

    Two pictures of the damage to the VR statue here:

  4. HydePark6 says:

    Posting in parts to defeat yr spam filter:)
    Taken in 1986 by Simon Fleming who was then a student at Leeds but is now here:

  5. HydePark6 says:

    Posting in parts to defeat yr spam filter which is, apparently, upset by too many links in one post:)
    More of Simon’s photos here:
    of which a fair number are of Leeds in the 80s

  6. Bill says:

    HydePark6, Thanks a lot for the links to these photos and for the information about Simon Fleming. The photos showing Industry fallen from the memorial are amazing and also poignant. Interesting that this should have happened during the years of Margaret Thatcher, and that Industry has never been restored.

    The site has a built in filter that holds back any comments that have more than two links until they’ve been approved. In addition, I added a spam blocking tool a week ago as I was getting so much of the stuff.

  7. Phil Lee says:

    Re Woodhouse Moor and BBQ’s..

    I get the impression that Councillor Richard Brett does not listen and act to best wishes of those who he is supposed to represent – as a neutral it is very clear those who live in the area of Woodhouse Moor do not want BBQ’s full stop. Now… that should be the end of the matter – but no – instead we have a high profile campaign by those in power to roll out unwanted and un needed ideas that appease a very small minorty for a very small amount of time (the Leeds summer) why is it our leaders do not listen and act in the best interests of the people?

    It makes me laugh to suggest that the area requires policing and managing etc – tell me an area of Leeds that doesn’t..!! Woodhouse Moor has always been dodgy on a night and it wasn’t that long ago we had a serial rapist carrying out his attacks in the area… I think what is required are signs stating clearly what isn’t appreciated and a more visibile presence of community cops who can issue parking style fines for those who flought the rules… now.. if the community officers can’t do that then someone else should.

    The real issue that comes from this is Councillor Richard Bretts inability to represent the wishes of the community and his (in my view) abuse of his position. The good news is after the complete mess he has made of the binmens issues he is unlikley to retain his position or secure one like it again. Good riddance.

  8. HydePark6 says:

    Martin Blakey from Leeds Unipol doesn’t actually mention barbecues in this Guardian piece:

    “Disgruntled locals cannot dictate student accommodation policy”

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